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Prof. Dr. Alejandro Barbagelata
Message to the patients:
What is the price of life? The life value isn't possible to be quantified, particularly when is our own.  With more than 25 years in the cardiovascular practice, I witnessed the magnitud of the problem in terms of mortality or disability produced by these diseases. I had the opportunity to be trained in first class institutions with worldwide recognition, having learnt over the years to accurately diagnose, assess the prognosis and establish the appropriate treatment. Unfortunately in our countries, the medical act is undervalued, giving priority to productivity in economical terms and not the human being. We offer an unbiased assessment giving all our expertise on your behalf, rectifying or changing treatments along with your primary care physician in an affordable way. 

Cardiovascular Second Opinion is an established practice worldwide, as cardiovascular diseases is the number one killer in non transmisibles diseases.

Cardiovascular specialist decision making process often defines outcomes that might have consequences early or in the long term with life or death.  Cardiovascular experts with international reputation and trained in USA, make a cardiovascular risk assessment to estimate the prognosis and establish an appropriate course of actions.

The medical practice in our countries is dominated by medical insurances that imposes strict conditions to their physicians, limiting time for dedication and poor reimbursement.

A second cardiovascular opinion can guide and decide actions that often can define a healthy life versus poor evolution.

Our Practice

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